PHATsoft is an accounting program designed purely for Taxi Drivers, Chauffeurs and Private Hire drivers. 


Ideal for sending invoices to account customers
  • Record journey information easily
  • PHATsoft remembers commonly-used entries
  • Memorise journey information to reduce typing
  • Keep a record of who has paid and who hasn't
Keep a record of all tax-deductible payments
  • Record payments made in cash and those expenses on credit
Quick input screen for recording income and expenses daily or weekly  
Add driver names if you sub-contract or employ other drivers  
Run income and expense reports easily - for any date range  
Easily export your data to your Accountant  
Configure the date to UK or US format  
Specify your currency symbol - £, $ etc.  
Backup and restore your data easily  
Unlimited number of clients, suppliers, contacts, drivers, transactions